SUP Fishing: Setting up your paddle board

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SUP Fishing: Setting up your paddle board


Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

Stand Up Paddle Fishing (SUP Fishing) is a category of paddling that has gained a lot of attention lately and some fisherman are trading in their kayaks and boats for a paddle board. This style of fishing minimizes your cargo and maximizes the places you can fish. It has the potential to go to shallow spots where a boat can’t navigate and gives you a perspective that kayaks can’t offer. We linked up with local water man Nathan Herrera to get a peek of how he sets up his board and his thoughts on SUP Fishing. Watch the video below to see how Nathan sets up his SUP and some pointers he has for anyone looking to start fishing on a paddle board.




Nathan’s Board Setup:

  • 10’10 Glider All Water: This board works really well in flat water or you can take out to the open ocean and get some larger fish.
  • Go Pole: A great product that will capture all your catches. Fits right into the Engel Dry box rod holder.
  • Engel Drybox Cooler with Rod Holders: Airtight insulated coolers with four rod holders. Nathan used a bungee cord that wrapped underneath the SUP but with our Explorer SUP you can connect the cooler to the D-Rings.
  • Shimano Rods: Quality rods that are lightweight and powerful.


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