The Best Way to Sit on a Paddle Board. Yes, sit.

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The Best Way to Sit on a Paddle Board. Yes, sit.

Sitting down on a stand up paddle board: It’s a thing. Don’t be fooled by the labeling— stand up paddle boards are perfectly suited for sitting down. In fact, it’s pretty common! Plus, sitting on your paddle board can still be a great workout. Of course, it can also be an easy picnic paddle. Your choice.


When it comes to SUP paddling positions, you can stand, kneel or sit—whatever is most comfortable for you. Your ISLE paddle board is outfitted for your comfort, whatever you choose. The center of each of our boards has a EVA traction pad. This soft brushed EVA is non-abrasive and provides extra traction for your feet, knees or backside, as well as making it easier to change positions while you’re out on the water. You’ll be sure to have a comfortable ride, whether you choose to stand, kneel or sit while you paddle.

Seated paddling options include sitting with your legs criss crossed or sitting on your knees. Sitting with your legs criss-crossed provides the lowest center of gravity and easiest way to maintain balance, while sitting on your knees offers more leverage and transitions to knee paddling more easily. Choose what seated paddling position you’re in the mood for and launch!


Paddling your way around your favorite body of water is a great way to get your body moving and get some space away from our screen-centric lives. The physical exercise and the mental rest is a winning combination. To maximize your paddle boarding experience, we highly recommend plenty of time relaxing with your feet dangling off the edge of your board. It’s a great way to take a break from paddling and cool off, plus, the gentle sway of the water is ultimately calming.


If you find yourself preferring to sit and paddle on your board, there is a simple upgrade you can make to your iSUP set up: A basic Coleman stadium chair. It seems too easy, right? For less than $20 you can support your back through longer paddles. If you’re using ISLE’s Explorer iSUP, you’ll find that it has d-rings installed standard to attach your makeshift paddle board seat. No worries if your board of choice is a different model, because d-rings can be purchased and installed on other board models, too.

Expand your paddle boarding possibilities by trying a seated position. Pack a picnic and plan to linger on the water for an especially restful paddle. Most of all, though, get out on the water as often as you can. It’s essential.

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