Is a Blow Up Paddle Board the Same as an Inflatable SUP?

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Is a Blow Up Paddle Board the Same as an Inflatable SUP?

Short answer — yes!


Paddle boards are divided into two primary types of boards: hard paddle boards and inflatable paddle boards. You may see inflatable paddle boards called blow up paddle boards or iSUPs, all one and the same.


So what’s a blow up paddle board in the first place? An inflatable paddle board is a SUP made with PVC material. Typically created with drop stitching to maintain rigidity and stability. Compared to a hard paddle board, inflatable paddle boards are easier to store, better in transit, and are often a more affordable option.


There are several benefits to choosing an inflatable paddle board over a hard paddle board. Most obviously, the size and weight of an iSUP is much more manageable. No need for SUP board racks on your car to transport your board to the water, or for paying the oversized item rates with the airlines. Your inflatable paddle board only weighs around twenty pounds and deflates to fit into an easy to manage carry bag.

Another key benefit of the blow up SUP is that they often lend more stability on the water since they tend to be a thicker board. If you are new to stand up paddle boarding, or just prefer a more stable ride, an iSUP may be right for you. The added assurance of an inflatable SUP complements your yoga-on-the-water routine, and makes sharing a ride with a friend a bit more steady, too.


Inflatable paddle boards pack down into an easy to store size, making it possible to keep on hand even if your storage space is minimal. When you set out for your next outdoor adventures, you’ll find yourself tossing your iSUP in the car just in case you come upon a water source begging for exploration!



It’s true, you can indeed sit on a stand up paddle board. But want to take it to the next level? Enter the “paddle board seat.”


If you are planning a long day of paddling or a floating picnic, you may want to consider bringing a comfortable seat to use on your iSUP. A basic Coleman stadium chair adds a simple but effective accessory to your paddle board essentials. The stadium chair works to stabilize your back while you spend extended time on your board, and functions like a kayak seat for paddle boards.

ISLE’s Explorer iSUP has d-rings installed standard to which you can easily attach your makeshift paddle board seat. Explorer not your style? No worries! D-rings can be purchased and installed on other board models, too.


It doesn’t matter what you call it — your blow up paddle board, or inflatable SUP, or iSUP is sure to be a good partner on the water. Overall, ISLE inflatable stand up paddle boards are versatile boards that deliver a smooth ride as well as ultimate portability. Pack your iSUP in our included travel backpack to locations off the beaten path and inflate your board when you find water. Start planning your next day on the water now!

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