The Best Way to Rent a Paddle Board

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The Best Way to Rent a Paddle Board

Delivered to your door, anywhere in the U.S

SUPrents has changed the game in renting paddle boards. No matter where you're vacationing in the U.S (even a remote log cabin in Maine), SUPrents will deliver the paddle board of your choice, straight to your door. Easy peasy. You no longer have to search online for a rental location near where you're staying and you also don't have to dish out unreasonable board rental fees for a subpar paddle board. Rent a paddle board in four easy steps:
  1. Log onto
  2. Pick your paddle board
  3. Choose when you want it delivered
  4. Enter your delivery address
  The Best Way to Rent a Paddle Board

Q1. What is SUPrents?

A: We started as a stand up paddle board rental company in 2015.  From the outset we wanted to do things differently than any other paddle board rental company.  Instead of plopping down our rental shack in the sand somewhere and waiting for customers to come to us, we wanted to bring paddle boarding to them. To do that, we used technology and the national infrastructure of UPS and Fedex to deliver stand up paddle boards directly to our customers no matter where they were.  Those places have included their personal houses, hotels, Airbnb and plenty of remote lake cabins all over the country.  You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve heard, “Our cabin is really hard to find!  Are you sure you can deliver here?". So far we’re batting 1000 on our deliveries.

Q2. How does it work?

A: The process is super easy!  Our customers log onto our website and pick the board they want to rent, when they want it delivered and give us a delivery address. Once the order is complete we box up the package. The package includes the board, pump, paddle, removable fin and an optional life jacket.  We ship the board so that it arrives on the selected day and it arrives just like any other mail order package.  From there, our customers unbox the board and have a blast for the selected rental period (which ranges from 2 days to 14 days).  When the rental is over you simply place everything back in the box, attach the included prepaid shipping label and drop it off at a UPS store.  We cover shipping both ways. The Best Way to Rent a Paddle Board

Q3. What sparked the idea for SUPrents?

A: Our story started with poor rental experiences in 2014.  I (Scott Allen) had rented a stand up paddle board in Maui.  The rental board was this old 50-pound behemoth and it cost us $85 for the day.  It was dropped off at our hotel and that left us stuck about a mile from the beach with no way to get it there.  A similar experience from co-founder Eric Lindstrom in San Diego left us thinking, “There has to be a better way to do this.” After trying inflatable paddle boards, (which have improved tremendously over the years) we knew we had found the answer.  That’s when we started shipping boards across the country, and the rest was history.

Q4. Who runs the business?

A: The business is run primarily by myself (Scott) near Spokane, Washington and Eric Lindstrom in Bend, Oregon.  We are able to divide up the responsibilities, allowing both of us to really focus on the things we do well. We’ve also been fortunate to have grown over the years and now have some help in Tampa, Florida and Northern California. The Best Way to Rent a Paddle Board

Q5. How many different paddle boards do you offer?

A: We currently offer 5 different paddle boards along with the Onewheel + and the Oru kayak.  The paddle boards run from the ISLE All Around 10’6 board to the 15-foot Megalodon.

Q6. What’s the most unique place you’ve sent a paddle board to?

A: We have sent plenty of boards to places that we have never even heard of. As I said before, we can get the board pretty much anywhere in the U.S no matter how remote.  As long as it has a U.S address we can get it there.  We actually have giant map of the U.S with push pins in the office showing all the places we’ve sent boards and kayaks.  If I have to give an answer I would say the furthest we’ve shipped a board from us was probably in Maine. The Best Way to Rent a Paddle Board

Q7. When did you get into paddle boarding?

A: We got into paddle boarding in 2013.  We started seeing them everywhere, gave them a try and were both immediately hooked!

Q8. Where is your favorite place to paddle board?

A: We love to paddle everywhere!  If we must pick one place it would be Sparks Lake outside of Bend, Oregon.  You can’t beat the scenery! Having inflatable boards has allowed us to always have boards with us. If we find a good spot, we pull them out and paddle.  If we’re going on vacation, we always ship them to the destination and make sure we’re always ready to paddle. The Best Way to Rent a Paddle Board

Q9. Why do you think it’s important for people to get outdoors.

A: It’s important to get out and break away from technology every now and then.  You would be amazed at the things you’ll see while you're out there. Being outdoors is good for the soul. It gives you a chance to decompress and truly be in the moment and if you can’t tear yourself away from technology at least you can fill your Instagram account with pictures of something other than your lunch.

Q10. How do you define a great adventure?

A: Anytime you can get out and explore a new place or see something from a different perspective you have the opportunity for a great adventure.  We try to live our lives under the assumption that we can try anything.  If it turns out great, that’s a bonus, but at the very least we’ll have a good story to tell!  Our tagline, “Rent the gear, own the experience” is our way of encouraging people that they don’t need to own the gear to try it out. We’ll provide the gear, they get to make the memories!

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