What We Didn't Tell You About a Soft Top SUP

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What We Didn't Tell You About a Soft Top SUP

It must have slipped our mind – there are a few key things about soft top SUPs that you probably didn’t know. Some are obvious, and others are more ambiguous. We apologize for not telling you sooner. But, it’s your lucky day because we’re going to spill the beans right now. Drop what you’re doing and pay close attention.

5 things you didn’t know about soft top paddle boards

  • Soft tops have most of the features of an epoxy SUP, but then are wrapped in a soft EVA shell with an ABS bottom
  • They are the most affordable type of paddle board
  • The most dog-friendly hard SUPs
  • The best SUP option for kids or as a designated family board
  • Great for SUP yoga and SUP fishing
What We Didn't Tell You About a Soft Top SUP

1. Soft top construction is not what you think

Following the same idea as a soft top surfboard, a soft top paddle board’s front deck is constructed with a spongy, soft material. However, the core of the board is created out of strong & sturdy materials. The core is constructed of an EPS blank and has a stringer for rigidity. ISLE’s Soft Tops have an additional layer that is laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin – something most soft tops from other companies do not have.

2. The most affordable type of SUP

Epoxy SUPs are hands-down the most expensive type of SUP, followed by inflatables. This doesn’t mean that soft top foam paddle boards lack in quality, they are just designed with price sensitive materials. Epoxy paddle boards: $800 -$2000 Inflatable paddle boards: $700 - $1200 Soft top paddle boards: $600 - $800

3. The best dog-friendly SUPs

Paddle boarding with your dog is probably one of the coolest things you can do with your SUP. It’s true that all types of paddle boards (inflatables, hard and soft) can be great for bringing along  your pup, but soft tops take the cake on being the most dog friendly hard paddle board. 2 features that make soft tops that most dog-friendly paddle boards:
  • Entire deck pad is constructed of a grip-friendly, soft material which is perfect for your pup’s stability
  • The board's wider deck outline gives your dog more room up front to move around 

4. The best SUP for kids and families

Soft top paddle boards are great for teaching your kids how to SUP. The soft spongy surface will prevent any injury if they were to fall onto the deck. In addition, the soft outer shell makes this board extremely durable. If you drop this board, it will not ding or scratch. These boards can take a good beating which makes it the perfect board to share with a family. It’s an ideal family lake or beach house board.

5. Great for SUP Yoga & SUP Fishing

Next to inflatables, soft tops are the most ideal for practicing SUP yoga on. As mentioned before, the entire front deck is super soft, creating a super comfortable platform for your yoga poses. Furthermore, soft tops have more volume and typically have a wider deck outline offering a super stable platform. You can easily go SUP fishing on a soft top. These boards have enough surface area to hold your rod, tackle box and a cooler (to sit on, or to keep your catch of the day). However, there are SUPs designed specifically for your SUP fishing needs. Today’s fishing paddle boards are coming decked out with everything you need for your day out on the water. You can get a paddle board equipped with Scotty mounts to attach rod holders, bait trays, down riggers, fish finders and whatever else your heart desires. This new fishing trend is on the come up and many are saying that SUP fishing is better than fishing on a kayak. What We Didn't Tell You About a Soft Top SUP What We Didn't Tell You About a Soft Top SUP

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