21 Photos of Paddle Boarding Dogs 

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21 Photos of Paddle Boarding Dogs 

SUP Pups That Will Brighten Your Day

Some would say, Life is better with a dog, but we would argue Life is better with a dog & a SUP! After countless submissions and hundreds of photos tagged, we've decided to put together a blog piece that showcases all our furry friends. Our only hope is that these photos will brighten your day. All these pictures are from ISLE customers who tagged us on Instagram or submitted to our summer photo contest.

1. My face on Mondays

Paddle board dog "Pono Da Frenchie is the most chill SUP pup! He loves when we really get cruising on the water and getting splashed in the face. He also loves to float, chill and soak in the view. I taught him how to paddle board at 4 months old and he’s been enjoying it ever since." - Alisha

2. Yo Quiero ISLE SUP

Paddle board dog "Meet Beaker. She is a 6-year-old Italian greyhound Chihuahua that we adopted at 3 months. We live in Ocean Beach, San Diego and her favorite thing to do is play frisbee and paddle board. Beaker MUST bring her frisbee with her everywhere she goes, even in the middle of Mission Bay." - Val and Beaker

3. Midday snoozer

Paddle board dog "I’m a resident in emergency medicine with the U.S Navy in San Diego. This was one of my rare days off. Our 3-month-old puppy at the time had her first experience paddle boarding. We were exhausted and decided to take a nap in the middle of Glorietta Bay." - Michael (@dr.rickscrocs)

4. Oreo's first dunk

Paddle board dog "We took Oreo to Douthat State Park in Virginia to let him try paddle boarding for the first time. As you can see by his smile, he did great and we loved every minute of it!" - Shawn Spaulding

5. SUP Pup is the cherry on top

Paddle board dog "Last year I finally completed a bucket list item: taking my best friend Paisley on her first paddle board adventure. She absolutely loved it. A year later, I made the decision to purchase one. I share such a special bond with my dog to begin with, and to be able to brag about her being a SUP Pup is the cherry on top." - Kara Wahlstrom

6. Adventure Time Finn

Paddle board dog "My buddy Finn! We have spent so many days paddling in our yaks and hiking all sorts of mountains, but today we introduced him to paddle boarding! He loved chilling, sightseeing and was happy to take a swim on command. Thanks to his spiffy life jacket, I was able to place him back on the board once he was done. Little tough to do Pilates with him on my board, but I enjoyed his company!" - Johanna

7. "Will only SUP if fed treats"

Paddle board dog "Girls weekend with my old college roommate. You know you’re good friends when they are willing to take your pup out on the lake. Thankfully my pup loves to SUP. He basically just sits on the board while we feed him treats. We got to the point where he would just hop right on the board and look at us like “you ready”?" - Rebecca Chow

8. Proof that dog's dig paddle boarding

Paddle board dog "I love taking Baloo out on the water for no other reason than he's my best friend and and we love adventuring together. Sharing our experiences has only made us closer and made our bond stronger . Getting out on the water gives us a different perspective than standing up on a summit." - (@rachkenney)

9. They're going Mutts!

Paddle board dog
"We were on a family vacation at Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho and we all brought our dogs, which is why there were so many dogs there. Vista loves to lay on the paddle board with me, even if I'm just sunbathing on the board. Her cousin's Kona and Oakley also like hanging out on the board." - (@vista_lab_hound)

10. Mandatory cuddle break

Paddle board dog "My dog and I do everything together. The reason he comes paddle boarding with me is simple, I want to share a lifetime of the greatest experiences with my best friend. Life is too short not to." - (@bobotron901 & @snowskychelle)

11. Fish are friends NOT food

Paddle board dog "Jeremiah and I paddled from campgrounds to Fisherman's Cove to enjoy the local fish tacos in Bodega Bay, CA with our three rescues!" - (@aurab_)

12. All SUPs come with pups

Paddle board dog "The first time Zusi and I tried paddle boarding together was in Lake Tahoe. I knew before I bought my paddle board that he would like it, but I was surprised how quickly he fell in love with it. When I first got my board I pumped it up in the house and trained Zusi to jump on, jump off, sit on it, and stay. He got the hang of it pretty quick so we took off for the water. I had a doggy life vest on him just in case he fell off and I needed to pull him back on the board in deeper water. Safety first!" - (Monica Czerwinski)

13. Indian pose is tougher than I thought

Paddle board dog "We have been living on a sail boat with our clumsy bull terrier for the last 2 and half years, he has recently turned 3 years old, so he has practically lived his whole life on a boat and on an SUP. He absolutely loves it! As soon as he sees someone trying to get on a board behind the boat, he runs to jump on it and tag along." - (@sailipanema)

14. Testing out the waters

Paddle board dog "Allie and I love SUPing on the Salt River here in central Arizona.  Recently, we were on the river when we came upon a herd of wild horses drinking in the water.  (They’re officially called the Salt River Wild Horses). There were about 12 of them. Although they kept a watchful eye on us, none of them moved. Allie also stayed calm, she didn’t bark or try to swim to them.  I found a spot where the current wasn’t strong, and we both just sat on our board and watched the horses drink and play in the water. We were only 20 feet away. It was kinda surreal and magical, especially since we were the only ones there." - Lisa Blue

15. Surf SUP Teddy ready to shred

Paddle board dog "My 3-year-old doodle pal Ted gets just as much enjoyment out of SUPing as I do, if not more. Judging from his excitement level and furry expressions while walking the ISLE SUP out into the surf, he probably loves "his board" more than his ball. Our ocean adventures always have a fun twist. Whether its sea-lions or kelp forests, Teddy and I always feel at home on the water." - (@surfdogteddy)

16. Selfie time 

Paddle board dog "As a mile high native in Denver, we love hitting up the mountains a lot. Snowboarding in the winter and paddle boarding the rivers and lakes in the summer. From the day I got him, Mayday has always loved the water! It only made sense to get him on the board riding with me. People love seeing the lil' Twinkie torpedo out on the water, especially with his life jacket. Safety first!! Every time he see me getting the SUP board pumped up, he knows it's on!!" - Adam Fitterer

17. SUP Pup reporting for duty 

Paddle board dog "My NYC Frenchie has become a swimmer! On our most recent paddle board trip, she plunged into the water and cooled her tush off! My city piglet loves being the front decor on my paddle board and I love that we can enjoy this awesome activity together!" - (@patricelevinehair)

18. Wet SUP pups > dry SUP pups

Paddle board dog "Lyla has never met a body of water that she doesn’t love. No matter the temperature, if she can run or jump into it, she will be swimming in it." - (@laurentravelsto)

19. Which way is the camera?

Paddle board dog Karen-Knight-Wilson

20. We must head north to infiltrate the Husky Tribe

Paddle board dog "We went camping, fishing and paddle boarding at Vaughn Lake in the Flat Tops Wilderness. Charlie (our dog) always sits up front and paddles/looks out for fish." - (@konopkaa)

21. Bad to the bone

Paddle board dog "Moose is my paddle sidekick. He immediately gets excited when he sees me grab my paddle because he knows he gets to go! Living in Northern Michigan, I made sure I got him as a puppy in the warm water season so he could be comfortable and familiar. Now, he's been riding surf and paddleboards since he was a puppy and he totally loves it!" - Ali Moon Dog friendly paddle boards

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