Interview with Local San Diego Surf & SUP Photographer Ryan Holden

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Interview with Local San Diego Surf & SUP Photographer Ryan Holden


a Coronado-Barrel captured by ISan Diego Surf & SUP Photographer Ryan Holden


Interview with San Diego Surf & SUP Photographer Ryan Holden

Interview with San Diego Surf & SUP Photographer Ryan Holden


Browsing the Facebook feeds one day I noticed some really cool water shots of people on paddle boards and barrel shots. After connecting the dots I ended up finding the guy behind the camera. His name is Ryan Holden and he is lives here in San Diego and is out shooting photos all the time. Getting a good photo is no easy job let alone a photo of a moving object or wave in the water while swimming holding a camera. Here is a little Q & A about the man behind the photos and some of his favorite shots. Ryan Holden of Ryan Holden Imagery. Enjoy


Isle Surf and SUP takes a minute to chat with Ryan


Question: Where are you from originally and how did you get started shooting water photography?


I’ve lived in San Diego my entire life. Born and raised. I had always been around the beach. That’s the great part about our city, we can go there year-round. Photography had always been a small hobby of mine. When my girlfriend bought me a GoPro as a gift, jumping into the water with it was the natural progression, I guess. I would swim out while my brother and friends paddled out on surfboards or SUPs. I was capturing images of them no one else was. We would get home and I would share the photos online. Pretty soon I was having so much fun, I wouldn’t wait for them and would hit a sunrise session on my own and shoot empty barrels for a couple hours.


Question: Whats type of equipment are you currently using?


I have a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and a Canon Rebel T3i. The Canon has a long reaching zoom lens on it. I can get some really nice photos from a pier or point, depending on the beach.


Question: What are you favorite things to shoot?


My favorite shooting subjects are surfers. I’ve had some great times meeting new people and sharing a passion for the water. And really, that’s what this is all about. Everyone is out in the break waiting for the next swell to surf, shoot, or spectate. When the conditions aren’t ideal to ride, I’ll shoot barrels in the shore break. There are very few days when the beach can’t offer a great photo opportunity.


Question: If you could put together a dream location to shoot photos where would it be?


There are so many amazing spots around the world with some amazing photographers capturing the local breaks. I’ve seen some inspiring images coming out of Australia recently. I’d love to head south and wake up to the sunrises I’ve seen in some photos there.


Question: If anyone is interested in getting some of your prints or your photo services how can they reach you?


While my new site is under construction, the best place to reach me and see some of my images is on Facebook I also post images each day on Instagram I really enjoy the interaction I have with the people on those sites. I’ve met and gotten in contact with a good number of people there, all with my photography!


Question: I heard you have a photo project running. True?


I currently have a personal photo project running throughout the year. My goal is to photograph one surfer each week to post online. You can search for photos I’ve posted with #52Surfers. If anyone out there is looking to get a couple of shots of themselves in the water, get in contact with me!


Question: Closing statement?


I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. A big thanks to you and Isle Surf for the love!


Isle: Thanks for chatting with us and for the amazing photos, keep it up and see you in the water! The Isle Crew


Check out some of Ryans Favorite Shots:

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