Isle Surf & SUP Warehouse Manager: Employee Spotlight with Brian

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Isle Surf & SUP Warehouse Manager: Employee Spotlight with Brian


Brian is our Warehouse Manager and one of the first employees to work at Isle. Brian or as we like to call him Grimm was born and raised in San Diego. Brian is no stranger to the water as his parents used to take him to the beach all the time since he was 8 years old which fueled his surfing desire. If you do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life which is exactly what Brian does. After high school with his new found passion for surfing he knew he wanted to work in the industry which led him to Isle. Brian is in charge of stocking, maintaining inventory and making sure you boards are shipped to your door with the maximum amount of care in the least amount of time.


How long have you worked for Isle Surf & SUP?


Since 2008


Where is your favorite surfing or paddling spot?


Tourmaline Beach or Crystal Pier


What is your favorite Isle board?


The 9’2 HP Longboard


Do you have any secret talents?

  • Knows every line from Happy Gilmore.
  • Can pack and ship a board faster than anyone in the business
  • Sings better than you would imagine
  • Taught his cat to sit and roll over

When you’re not surfing or paddle boarding, you are?


Skateboarding, playing basketball, and hanging at the beach.


What is your favorite burrito?


California from Sombreros



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