The Isle Megalodon 15 foot Inflatable Paddle Board

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The Isle Megalodon 15 foot Inflatable Paddle Board

The Birth of Megalodon


This year Mid-winter anticipating an early spring the Isle crew found themselves all hanging out after a paddle asking, “Where will this sport go next”? One of the crewmembers said “what about tandem SUPing”? Then another said “what about group SUPing”…!? And so, the Megalodon Paddle Board was born. The design crew quickly went to work on designing the specs and graphics for the prototype.


Megalodon Specifications: 15 feet long x 50 inches wide x 8 inches thick


We sent off the spec’s to the factory and went on about our business with no idea what to expect once it arrived. Then, in early March, the Megalodon landed in all its glory. At first we had the boys down at the warehouse inflate it and let us know if it was going to float, explode, or attack the seal population of La Jolla… But the boys said it seemed good to go for testing and set it aside for the test pilots.




The Maiden Voyage


The maiden voyage was made with an expert surfer as the captain and an inexperienced dry lander as the passenger in small surf off of the Coronado Shores. It proved to be easily stable for two passengers and the captain was even able to provide the passenger with the experience of a few small wave rides to shore. Now the Mega was ready for the true test.


Test Ride #2


The next launch was made by two experienced surf and paddlers in waist to chest high surf. Getting it out into and over the surf was reported to be the best workout either had ever experienced on a SUP. The boys were able to paddle into a few waist high mushers and enjoy the ride but when attempting anything chest high or bigger found that the length of the board caused them to pearl the nose and go flying off over the handle bars like someone had slammed on the breaks. Unfortunately both test runs went un documented but you will have to take our word for it.


The Megalodon Meets North Baja




With the Isle Company Trip full steam ahead it just would not be complete without packing the Megalodon, so pack it we did. We let the ladies have a crack at it 3 deep and it sure did give em a ride they wont soon forget. They actually managed to punch out of the 2-4ft surf breaking over reef onto the outside and much to our amazement attempted to ride a wave bikini clad with the freezing water below. As we anticipated the Megalodon chewed em up and spit em out leaving them to swim in the frigid waters and sending Mega’ bouncing over the inside reef. Due to its inflatable nature it survived unscathed and the ladies washed ashore safe and sound with just a few cuts and bruises.




The boys took her for a spin next and managed to snag a few rides and a few spills. When your on it you can’t help but laugh the entire time as its so damn fun riding waves together with friends on one supersize board. But with clanking paddles and bodies it can be a dangerous affair in the surf so for experienced paddlers only, beginners beware!!




Coming Soon


No doubt the Megalodon Super Size SUP is hours of endless fun for riding small waves tandem or cruising the flats and it’s an incredible workout too. We believe that this bad mamajama is going to be a big hit for both flat water and ocean goers in the near future.




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