17 Amazing Photos From The ISLE Ambassador Team

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17 Amazing Photos From The ISLE Ambassador Team

The ISLE Ambassador Team is a passionate group of individuals with one thing in common: their love for adventure. No matter where they are in the world, you can count that they are all paddling in the most beautiful destinations around. We curated our top 17 photos from the year, but believe me, each one of our ambassadors has paddled somewhere truly breathtaking. Be sure to check out their personal galleries here.

British Colombia

During his 6-month adVANture, @johnrosano5 visited some of the most stunning destinations at Havasupai Falls, the glaciers of Alaska, and this beautiful secluded lake in British Colombia.

Spiral Jetty

When @handmedownexperience first arrived at the Jetty, they did not see the pink water they were expecting. They decided to go for a paddle anyways and to their delight, the opaque shade of bubble gum became more apparent as they moved deeper into the lake.

panama sup
French Polynesia

What do you get when you put two people and a dog on a catamaran in the middle of the ocean? The adventure of a lifetime! @sailipanma set sail in 2015 in the eastern Mediterranean and is traveling west, flowing with the trade winds.

Payson Lake

Dinner, anyone? You'll never go hungry when you're paddling with @svenddiesel. Skip the paddle picnic and go straight for the SUP BBQ.


SUP, Dawg!? Oh, wait... is that a cat?! This purrfect duo is always looking for their next adventure. @henrythecoloradodog, room for one more?

Mokulua Islands

Race you to the Mokulua Islands! @jesshereandthere takes the paddle of a lifetime around the coast of Oahu.

Salt Lake

Horses, horses, horses! You can count on @sunshyne.sarah to lead a horse to water, or at least find the wild horses in the water!


Adventure seeker, @landon_ecker, takes on the white water rapids. You'll never have a boring day when you're out on the water with him!

Mammoth Lakes

With over 100 lakes in Mammoth, we think @troyrupp found the most beautiful one. We can smell the fresh air from here!

Rainbow Springs

The first Ambassador meet-up! @seekingsunandsea , @dunnonsite , and @otterpaddleorlando all got together to paddle down the Rainbow Springs in FL, and what a beautiful paddle it was!

Orange Beach

When @thebrookdavis isn't driving her VW bus, you can find her on the blue waters of the Gulf Coast. Did we mention, her VW matches her board perfectly!

Lake Tahoe

Fun Fact: Lake Tahoe is 2/3 in California and 1/3 in the state of Nevada. I wonder which state @tiffdamian was in during this photo!

Shaver Lake

A little cold weather never scared @jasonseannn ! Even when it's a white wonderland, he is still out on the water snow-SUPing.

Shoshone Falls

A family that paddles together, stays together. @macs_explore is a traveling family that always finds the most amazing places to call home for the night.

Waterfowl Lakes

 Banff National Park has water so blue, you would think it's Photoshopped. @saraandalexjames

Durdle Door

Who wouldn't want to go paddling in the Jurassic Coast?! No dinosaurs here, but there is an awesome arch! @martatanseyphotography

Glass Lake

Paddling is a great time to reflect. Just ask @frietzphoto !

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