Isle Paddle Boards Lost Coast of Northern California

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Isle Paddle Boards Lost Coast of Northern California


isle crew heads to sup the northern california coast


Ever surf or SUP alone in California on Memorial weekend? A couple Isle crew members were willing to brave the cold water and head up north to avoid the holiday weekend Crowd’s in San Diego.



driving through the shrine drive-thru tree in the california redwoods


Just a short 15 hour drive through the drive through red woods on Avenue of the Giants to Shelter Cove and we pulled up to an epic south facing bay completely sheltered from west and north winds. On the far end of the bay there were two different point breaks and a beach break braking both ways. There was some long period south rolling through offering clean short boardable and SUPable waves. The water was about 50 degrees a bit merky and sharky but the air was a still 65 67 so I was hot in a 4/3 with booties and would occasionally risk the jump in to cool off. After asking a Surfer about the waves who was leaving as I arrived I SUP surfed all three breaks on a sunny holiday weekend Sunday alone for about an hour and a half.



dirk about to paddle out on his sup on a secret beach in northern ca


After getting out I sat near the tractor ran boat launch and fish cleaning stations and had fresh fish taco’s BBQ ribs and a beer with some of the locals and watched the waves across the bay. Two other SUP’s went out for a Spin but didn’t really surf. All in all this was an epic experience that I would recommend to any Surfer of SUP paddler if you are willing to brave the long windy drive and have a good set of Booties.



dirk chasing the illusive waves in northern ca



dirk chasing the illusive waves in northern ca


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