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Paddle Faster and Longer with a Touring Paddle Board

A touring paddle board is great for those who want to go faster and cover more ground. All touring paddle boards have a pointed nose and typically are designed with a displacement hull. A pointed nose and displacement hull will allow your SUP to efficiently cut through the water while maintaining speed and tracking straighter. Touring SUPs are ideal for paddlers who want to set forth on long expeditions, coastal cruises, compete in SUP racing or simply want a SUP with optimal performance.

Let ISLE’s Industry Experts Help you Find the Perfect Touring SUP

Our touring paddle board collection is ideal for adventurers at heart. With a touring shape, you’ll be able to take on any choppy waves while still carrying speed on all your water excursions. Inflatable Touring SUP: If you’re tight on storage, the Pioneer inflatable stand up paddle board is the perfect option for you. Storing and transporting a touring SUP will never be easier with one of our lightweight, inflatable touring SUPs. Epoxy Touring SUP: For those who appreciate the classic look of a traditional hard paddle board, the Voyager Paddle Board is the perfect long-distance paddle board for you. Built with two sets of bungee systems for you to carry all your gear onboard and an FCS mount, your board has all the features needed for an epic adventure. To learn more about our lightweight performance SUP race board, check out our website or talk to one of our experts today.