5 Paddle Board Activities To Try This Spring Break

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5 Paddle Board Activities To Try This Spring Break

Better weather is finally here and so is the start of a new season. As Springtime makes its way into our lives again, we find new ways to elevate our adventure outdoors—paddle boards included. So, whether you’re taking a spring break trip with family, looking to try something new on weekends, or simply want to plan a summer activity ahead of time, these stand up paddle board activities are sure to bring a fresh sense of adventure to your life, no matter who you are.




“Glow In The Dark” Paddle Boarding

Glow in the dark? Maybe not the technical term for it, but paddle boarding on a bioluminescent beach will be sure to light up your spring break in new ways! Bring your SUP to a location known for its bioluminescent beaches, and enjoy the glow on the shoreline that often looks like a glittery landscape. Experts note that the science behind bioluminescent beaches is that phytoplankton in the water will emit a glow as their cell membranes respond to electric signals. We’d say that’s pretty cool!


So, if you’re typically used to paddle boarding in the day, try something new and enjoy the views that come from the night sky, and from the water beneath you. If you’re local to California, try going to Mission Bay, Torrey Pines Beach, and Huntington Beach. We have a feeling that the ocean’s own “glow in the dark stars” will leave you nothing short of amazed.




Take Your SUP On A Road Trip

If traveling to a bioluminescent beach is not the most feasible option for your spring break plans, paddle boarding at night is still an option! LED paddle boarding is a great and fun option for families or groups of friends looking to try something new, or something you can do after spending some time walking on the beach at night. Whether you have an inflatable paddle board or hard board, you can easily attach LED lights to your stand up paddle board for a night of fun on the water. We do recommend you go in a group, though, as paddling at night can be more dangerous, and should be done in areas that are more well-lit than others. Depending on your location, you can also search for LED paddle boarding tours or night paddle tours online.




Take Your SUP On A Road Trip

What’s better than hitting the road to seek out new destinations? Going on a road trip with your stand up paddle board, ready to try out new bodies of water! Whether you’re traveling with friends and family, or heading out on a solo trip, a road trip is a great way to take a fresh breath of air in a new setting, and the perfect way to feel true rest and relaxation, with just the right amount of adventure. Once you arrive at your destination, gear up to get out on the water, and try anything from SUP yoga, SUP fishing, SUP touring, or a big group paddle on the Megalodon board.


As for traveling with paddle boards, we think an iSUP (inflatable paddle board) is a great pick because of its easy inflation, deflation, and lightweight portability. If hard boards are your preferred pick, we recommend you get some car racks pads and straps to securely attach your SUP to the roof of your car.




Go Paddle Boarding With Your Dog

We are a pro-furry friend company, through and through. As we paddle on different waters, day in and day out, we can’t help but bring our dogs along for paddle board sessions. In order to ensure your dog is comfortable on the water and on a paddle board, we’ve laid out some tips on how to paddle board with your dog. After you make sure your dog is comfortable on a SUP, it’s time to reach further distances, and new locations as you travel with your pup this spring. The Cruiser is a great pick for paddle boarding with your pup since it has a soft top to help your dog grip to the board easily. Any of the boards on our inflatable paddle board lineup will also be a great pick for those one-on-one adventures with your dog. For a visual on how to paddle board with your dog, check out this video.




Go Sightseeing For Marine Life

For those wanting to see marine life up close, there’s a good chance you can see anything from exposed reefs, to dolphins, and maybe even leopard sharks depending on your location! We recommend this activity for our intermediate to advanced paddlers, as it might take getting past the surf break to get closer to marine life. Of course, you want to be wary of your surroundings, and make sure you are in a location that is safe, and that you are accompanied by other people. As you paddle out on clear water, we’re sure you’ll enjoy breathtaking views from all the nature around you, and beneath you.


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