Isle & Friends Tackle Hurricane Marie South Swells at SPOT X In SoCal

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Isle & Friends Tackle Hurricane Marie South Swells at SPOT X In SoCal

Thar She Blows Down South…


Hurricanes brew up in the south east Pacific off mainland Mexico every summer but typically fade out as they move northwest like shooting stars before they cast their powerful swells or harsh weather upon California Shores. However,once in a blue moon a hurricane travels far enough north fueled by uncommonly warmer waters and moves full strength into our SoCal swell window sending swell marching up the coast lighting up nooks and crannies across the golden state.


Best Summer Swell Since ’97?


Hurricane Marie did just this as a Category 5 hurricane sitting in our window long enough to send one of the most powerful and consistent summer south swells since the late 1990’s. With solid swell, warm water and perfect weather the stars had indeed truly aligned for this magical swell. Places up and down the Cali coast saw perfect hollow waves in excess on 20-30ft on the face and surfers and paddlers scrambled out of any responsible duties to hit the coast and get a glimpse or even a taste of the hurricane juice.




For the old timers the last recollection of any swell this strong and this powerful was from Hurricane Linda back in 1997 also a category 5 hurricane who moved into the Socal swell window and due to water so warm was even forecasted to strike southern California as a hurricane and slowly died out just before.


Secret Gems




Due to the extreme steep southerly angle of the swell many secret gems awoke from their sleepy summer slumber not seeing swell and conditions line up like this for decades. And it was these nooks and crannies that pumped for days on end churning out barrels and wipeouts and searing the swell into the minds of the locals as one of the best ever.




We are going to miss you Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!




And now, with Marie nothing more than dispersed water vapor over the pacific ocean it could be a lonnnnnng wait for a sequel. Until then all we have are the memories and stories she left behind of the great south swell of summer 2014. (tear) Avoir Marie, we miss you!



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