How Paddle Boarding Can Help You Reduce Screen Time

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How Paddle Boarding Can Help You Reduce Screen Time

Do you ever wonder: were we actually meant to know what every single person is feeling, thinking, and going through… all at the same time? In a world that’s constantly on the go, it can often feel overwhelming when we get stuck in a habit of doom scrolling or just scrolling for hours on end on our phones or computers, trying to take in the weight of the world at once. We’re not anti-technology, and we certainly believe there’s a beauty to witnessing the victories shared on the world wide web, but for the times when we need to take a step back, here are some paddle board practices to help you reduce your screen time.



Learning To Slow Down

Before we get into these practices, it’s important to understand the benefits of learning to slow down. Sometimes, we think we’ve slowed down, but our bodies still have a habit of anticipating what’s next, or when the next adrenaline rush will come swooping in. We scroll past timelines, filled with posts of the next best travel destination, followed immediately by news that leaves us shaken, rarely leaving room for a happy medium.


This is why we talk about life being better in balance—ideally finding a balance between your mind, body, and soul, and fostering practices that lead to a positive state of wellbeing. For this reason, stand up paddle boarding is one of the easiest and best ways to target your mind, body, and soul at the same time, bringing them all into a sense of balance.





Start Or End Your Day With A Paddle

If checking your phone or social media in the morning is one of the first things you do, we recommend starting your day with a morning paddle as an alternative. If you can use a feature on your phone that locks certain apps for a scheduled time, such as Apple’s Downtime feature, or you can trust yourself to not check your phone first thing, try going out for a paddle out on the water in the morning before you unlock your phone. We promise you that the breathtaking views of the sunrise, paired with a good dose of vitamin D will be sure to ground you in positive thoughts, a calm state of mind, and a body that’s gotten good exercise in before the start of your work day.


Alternatively, if you prefer an evening paddle, try taking some time after you're done with the work day to decompress out on the water! Whether it’s chasing after a sunset, seeking out marine life, or taking a journal out to write out your thoughts, an evening paddle is a top-tier way to make sure you’re spending more time outdoors, reducing your overall screen time.


Best Boards For Every Skill Level:





SUP Yoga

Another way to use your paddle board to reduce screen time is by trying SUP yoga! No matter what your favorite yoga poses may be on a paddle board, SUP yoga is a great way to increase your overall mindfulness and wellbeing. Whether you’re a well-versed yogi, or someone who wants to begin practicing yoga on a paddle board, yoga will allow you to increase your strength, decrease stress, and will make you a better paddler overall as you learn to find your balance in new ways. SUP yoga often requires intense focus and core strength to be able to find your balance as you change poses on the water. As the water moves beneath your paddle board, we hope you remember that the strength to find your balance each and every time can be gracefully perfected with practice.


Best Boards For SUP Yoga:






Tandem Paddling Or Group Paddling

When it comes to social media fatigue, the term “FOMO” often comes up in conversation, which means the “fear of missing out.” You may feel like you’re missing out on greater opportunities when you see a post about the “Top 10 Ways To Be Successful”, or feel like you should be performing for the masses when you start to compare yourself to those on your feed, but maybe that’s not what really matters as much. This paddle board practice is for those who need a reminder that the moments surrounded by friends and family matter more than the moments that leave you feeling lonely. In fact, experts note that there are many benefits to socialization, such as living a longer life, better physical health, and better mental health.


That being said, we recommend tandem paddling, or going on a group paddle! The Megalodon is a great board for tandem paddling, as it can fit multiple people, your pets, and your gear, all at the same time. It’s certainly what we call a “party bus for the water.” And if you simply want to join your friends or family while they’re on the water on their own SUP board, we’re sure you’ll be less tempted to spend time on screens, and more time making memories outdoors, on the water.


Best Board For Tandem Paddling:




SUP Workout

Another way to increase your time outdoors is to destress by using a surfboard or paddle board for some high-intensity exercise. Experts at Harvard Health note that “Regular aerobic exercise will bring remarkable changes to your body, your metabolism, your heart, and your spirits. It has a unique capacity to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm, to counter depression and dissipate stress.” So whether you decide to do some HIIT conditioning, SUP surfing, SUP touring, or SUP yoga, all of these paddle board workouts are a great way to take a step back from the screens, and a way to step into nature.


Best Boards For SUP Workouts:


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