The 6 SUP Apps Every Paddle Boarder Needs

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The 6 SUP Apps Every Paddle Boarder Needs

The Top-Rated Paddle Boarding Apps On the App Store

Have you ever wanted to know all the best paddle board destinations near you? There’s an app for that. In fact, there are SUP apps for everything from creating logbooks of your favorite paddles adventures to getting SUP technique advice from an Olympian. Thanks to these informative SUP apps, you will never again need to worry about getting caught in windy conditions or paddling down a river in dangerously shallow waters. 

We narrowed it down to the six best SUP apps available on the app store today. It’s time to use technology to your advantage, so grab your smartphone and let these six SUP apps become your newest paddle board accessory. 

Paddle Logger app

1. Paddle Logger 

Paddle Logger is arguably the most popular stand up paddle board app out there. Made by a paddle boarder for paddle boarders, this SUP app has everything you need to track your paddle adventures from point A to point B. 

Hit the start button, or the delayed start button, put your phone away in your dry bag, and let Paddle Logger do the work for you. Once you’ve completed your paddle, this app will automatically create an in-depth log of your SUP trip. Each log comes with the option to add a map, photos, and even notes. Save your logs to your digital logbook and share them with friends on social media.

This SUP app is recommended for all skill levels. From the SUP touring pros who want to compete against their previous paddle times to beginners who want to jot down their favorite paddle spots, this app is fantastic for every type of paddle boarder. 

Price: Free 

Go Paddling app

2. Go Paddling 

Leave it up to the Go Paddling app to find the best places to paddle and the ideal locations to launch your SUP. With over 25,000 SUP destinations on the app, finding a new stand up paddle board location will never be a problem again. The SUP app is complete with a map that provides GPS coordinates and driving directions through Google or Apple Maps. 

Browse the app and receive information on unique paddling opportunities, facilities, safety regulations for specific locations, and fees. Additionally, Go Paddling allows users to save their favorite locations and share them with their friends. The best part about this app, aside from all its enriching information, is that it’s free!

Price: Free

windy app

3. Windy 

Never get caught in bad weather on your stand up paddle board again. With the help of the Windy app, you will always receive the most comprehensive weather forecasts. With over 35 different weather layers, customizable color palettes, and 40 different languages, this weather app allows you to curate its feed to meet your specific needs. Windy is used by professionals all over the world to predict weather such as powerful wind, rain, temperature, humidity, and more. Furthermore, if you’re curious about what your favorite SUP spot looks like in real-time, then check out one of the many webcams Windy has. 

Price: Free

Paddle Monster app

4. Paddle Monster

Download the Paddle Monster app to get SUP technique tips straight from an Olympian. Larry Cain, an Olympic Canadian Canoeist, wanted to create a community like social media for watersports and paddle boarders alike. His app offers an abundance of different coaching plans to help you become the best paddler possible. 

Use the app to set goals for yourself, discuss your progress, and participate in fun SUP communities. Paddle Monster is subscription-based at just $10 a month. It also offers different price personal training and cool gear so you can rock your passion for paddling on your clothing. 

Price: $10/month

ioverlander app

5. iOverlander 

The iOverlander app is essential for paddle boarders who want to discover the most breathtaking and remote camp spots near epic paddle destinations. iOverlander was created by travelers to support the exploration of the world. Open the app and click on the map to view thousands of different camping spots. Find everything from wild dispersed camping on backcountry forest roads to popular campgrounds in the 7 best national parks to paddle board. iOverlander is user-generated, so make sure you check the reviews to find the best place to accommodate your rig. 

Price: Free

river app

6. RiverApp 

River water levels are constantly fluctuating. When water levels are too low, you risk damaging your SUP. When water levels are too high, rivers can become life-threatening. RiverApp was created to help you easily monitor river conditions before you leave your house. 

Use this SUP app to discover the best times to paddle on more than 20,000 rivers in North America. In addition, users can also report hazards or set up notifications when an ideal river level is reached. Download the app for free to guarantee a flawless paddle every time! 

Price: Free

Wrapping Up: The Best SUP Apps

Use these six SUP apps to help enhance your paddle board adventures. Whether you are searching for a new paddle board location or want to log all of your SUP sessions, there is an app that can help you do just that. Consult Windy to ensure your paddle will be wind-free and sunny. Check out PaddleMonster to work on your SUP technique. You don’t need to spend hours on the computer checking conditions or locations again, use these SUP apps to guarantee the perfect paddle every time.   

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