Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a Good Exercise to Maintain as You Age

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Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a Good Exercise to Maintain as You Age

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the very best ways to spend your time and stay healthy. Aligning healthy aerobic activity with soothing time spent in nature makes stand up paddle boarding is a balanced, accessible sport for all ages that can be enjoyed for decades. Unlike many other sports that can lose their appeal as we age, SUPing is a sport that can be maintained as we embrace the complexities of growing older.


In fact, even if you are post-retirement age and new to SUPing, here at ISLE, we believe that you may just find your new favorite activity. Exercise for “older people” does not have to be boring.



A whole-body workout that is gentle on the joints, stand up paddle boarding builds strength and endurance but does not overstress the body. On your SUP, you can explore still or active waters with meditative strokes, all while your body gains strength and balance.


Soon, you’ll be paddling further and with more confidence. Similar to how riding a bike or elliptical reduces the impact on your knees, you can ride a SUP to get your heart rate up – without pounding the pavement. If you are looking for joint-friendly exercises or low impact cardio exercise options, try stand up paddle boarding!



As we age, maintaining good balance is essential for living an active lifestyle. Stand up paddle boarding promotes core muscle strength and develops body coordination that serves us well as we get older. Not only does SUPing improve balance and coordination, but it is also, and maybe equally importantly, screen-free time.


In a world that seems to require more and more screen time, you’ll find a welcome escape as you stand tall on your paddle board and gaze at your natural surroundings.


Not sure about the standing part? Using a SUP on your knees, or even sitting, is still a fantastic workout that engages your core and strengthens your balance and endurance.



From it’s low impact, core strengthening benefits to the screen-free time in nature, stand up paddle boarding is a great way to stay fit as you age. Rather than searching for a list of balance exercises for older adults, take up SUPing instead! Many people are able to incorporate other low-impact exercises like yoga into their stand up paddle boarding time, too. Promote relaxation while you maintain your good health with a sunrise paddle.


Stand up paddle boarding is absolutely one of the best exercises for older adults! Find balance, literally and figuratively, with your ISLE SUP. Promote relaxation, improve posture, strengthen your core, all while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. ISLE was founded by passionate paddlers with the core belief that SUP is a way to improve your quality of life and your overall health and wellbeing — we hope that you can experience this firsthand.


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