Do I Have To "Stand-Up" On A Stand-Up Paddle Board?

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Do I Have To "Stand-Up" On A Stand-Up Paddle Board?

People often ask us, “is it still considered stand up paddle boarding, even if I can’t stand up?” ABSOLUTELY! Whether you’re sitting, kneeling, lying down or doing a handstand… it all counts as SUPing in our eyes. With SUP yoga, meditation, and paddling with kids or pets becoming increasingly popular activities among the paddling community, the standards for what is considered stand up paddle boarding has become more fluid. And that’s why you really don’t have to stand-up on a stand up paddle board.

You Can Paddle On Your Knees

We recommend all new paddlers start on their knees. Knee-paddling lowers your center of balance, making it easier to get comfortable and balanced on your paddle board. With our ultra-comfortable brushed EVA traction pad, similar to a premium yoga mat, your knees will thank you for the extra padding and protection.

You Can Paddle Sitting Down

As fun as it is to stand up while paddling, it can be exhausting. Sit down and take a break, you deserve it. Even once you’re reenergized, perhaps you might still want to sit -- don’t worry, sitting down can be just as much of a workout as standing. With your core engaged and micro side-twisting with each stroke, you can still get a killer work out that burns tons of calories.

SUP Yoga Is Still Paddle Boarding

SUP yoga has taken the paddle community by storm. With a large number of people bringing their flow to the water, you’ll never know what position they will flow into next. Whether in Child’s Pose, Mountain or Warrior II, it is all still paddling! If you’ve never tried SUP yoga, we would like to challenge you to these 10 yoga poses anyone can do.

Take A Break On Your Back

Last but definitely not least, one of our favorite non-standing positions is lying down. Take a moment to feel the water under your board and the sunshine on your face. The whole point of paddling is to find peace and energy on the water, right? Just be sure to put on an extra layer of sunscreen and double-check to make sure you’re out of the way of any boaters. 

There's No Wrong Way To SUP

We hope this brings you the confidence to get out on the water and stand-up, lying down or simply doing whatever-you-feel-like on your paddle board! Just get out on the water and enjoy all the beauty around you. See you on the water.

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