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Paddle Board Gear Guide

The Paddle Board Gear Guide

So you’ve chosen your perfect board, unpacked it, and plotted your first adventure. But before you get on the water, remember that being prepared with the right gear will make or break your experience. 

You want to be confident that you’re comfortable, protected, and ready - either to tackle the waters or post up and relax. If you're keen on gearing up just right for your paddle board ride then you're in the right place. Follow our comprehensive guide below to ensure you're well-outfitted for an enjoyable paddling experience on your ISLE paddle board or SUP-kayak hybrid.

Check out our watersport essentials and activity-specific gear to get on the water safely and maximize your fun. 

Watersport Essentials 

Below is our essential list for paddleboarding, surfing, touring, fishing, yoga and lounging:

  1. CHECK THE WEATHER: Before you get on the water, it’s important to check the local weather and water conditions. Once you understand the potential weather, it will help you determine what gear to bring. 
  2. SAFETY FIRST: Personal Flotation Device life jackets are a legal requirement in many areas and a smart choice for any watersport. Our ISLE Lifejacket is ideal for nearshore paddling as it automatically inflates when deployed. If you’re going out on open water, we recommend inherently inflatable life jackets. 
  3. SUN PROTECTION: Sunscreen is essential to prevent sun damage and burns from harmful UV rays. Our water hat and UV Hoodie will keep you cool and protected. Don’t forget your sunglasses and a retainer strap.
  4. HYDRATION & SNACKS: We recommend staying hydrated and bringing snacks especially if you will be out for several hours in the heat. We recommend 17-20 ounces of water for 2-3 hours of activity - either in a hydration pack or a secured waterbottle
  5. WATER SHOES: get a good grip on your board or on the shore for your adventures
  6. PHONE IN WATERPROOF HOLDER: If you’re bringing your phone to capture memories or for safety, we recommend storing it in a waterproof holder or bag to protect it. 

If you’re going alone, notify a close family member or friend where you’re going and when you’re planning to come back. In the rare case, anything happens, this close contact can notify the authorities. 

Paddle Board Gear Checklist 

Besides the essentials above and your paddle board and paddle, below is our recommended paddle board gear: 

  • Leash: a reliable leash is an added safety feature when paddle boarding as it helps keep your inflatable paddle board or hard board close, especially in rougher waters.
  • Anchor kit: once you find that perfect spot on the water, use our anchor kit to stay stationary so you can chill or do yoga easily
  • Dry Bag: keep your belongings dry in our 20L bag. It also has a small water-resistant external pocket for small items and a shoulder strap for easy carry.
  • Cooler Bag: our rugged waterproof bag will keep your drinks cool with its foam-insulated design. It’s 25L and has a capacity for food and drinks for 2-4 people. It also has G-hook webbing so it can connect to your board’s ISLE-LINK connect system
  • Towel: towel off after your swim with our super soft and extra absorbent 100% ring spun cotton towel
  • Speaker: bring a waterproof speak to enjoy your favorite tunes

If you’re curious about choosing the right paddle board, check out our guide and our How to Paddle Board Guide is great for beginners.

Kayaking Gear Checklist

Besides your kayak and paddle, we recommend the following gear and accessories for kayaking:

  • Kayak Seat: if you’re converting your inflatable SUP into a kayak, you’ll need to attach a kayak seat. Our Cloud Seat is padded with a reinforced back seat for support. 
  • Foot Rest: this padded footrest is essential for engaging your core and maximizing your efficiency in the water
  • Dry Bag
  • Cooler Bag

If you’re wondering what paddleboard/SUP kayak hybrid is, have questions about how to set up your kayak, or even how to kayak, check out our linked guides.

Touring Gear Checklist 

If you’re touring on a paddleboard, please refer to the Paddle Board Gear checklist and look at the touring list below.

If you’re touring on a kayak, look at the Kayaking Gear Checklist plus the touring checklist below:

  • Extra Paddle: in case anything happens to your first paddle, we recommend an extra 4 piece paddle that easily packs away
  • Wet shoes: the rubber soles of wet shoes will help you grip and walk on slippery rocks. Avoid wearing flip-flops as they aren’t supportive
  • Sun Protection: wear sunscreen and a lightweight hat to protect yourself from the sun. We also recommend UPF protective clothing, such as our SunJoy UV Hoodie if the sun is especially strong. Its moisture-wicking fabric and loose fit is a shield from cool temperatures and UV rays
  • Clothing: In terms of fabric material, avoid cotton which will absorb water and stay wet for a long time. Consider quick-drying fabrics such as polyester nylon or wool which will at least insulate you when wet. Wetsuits can also be a good option.
  • Hydration and snacks
  • Camping gear and equipment
  • Knife
  • Navigation equipment: floating compass, GPS, and or maps in a waterproof case
  • Communication: 2-way radio and cell phone in waterproof bags

If you’re looking for a touring SUP kayak hybrid that can go the distance, we recommend the Explorer Pro, our award-winning touring and fitness board.

Fishing Gear Checklist

Ready to post up and catch a few fish? Below is our list of what to bring fishing: 

  • Anchor Kit: once you find that perfect spot on the water, use our anchor kit to stay stationary
  • Harbor Fishing Crate: our all-in-one fishing setup that includes 2 rod holders, tool pockets, 1 large velcro pocket, and 1 large mesh storage pocket. Connect it to your board with our ISLE-LINK connect system
  • Cooler Bag: our rugged waterproof bag will keep your drinks cool with its foam-insulated design. It’s 25L and has capacity for food and drinks for 2-4 people. It also has G-hook webbing so it can be connected to your board’s ISLE-LINK connect system
  • Fishing Pole
  • Bait
  • Knife
  • Towel

If you’re curious about the best paddleboard for fishing, we’ve linked several options for you.

SUP Yoga Checklist

Besides the Watersport Essentials and Paddle Board Gear Checklist, we recommend adding an Anchor Kit so that once you find a peaceful spot on the water, you can park up and down dog.

We have several paddleboards at ISLE that are stable and sturdy enough for SUP yoga and have grippy traction pads for extra traction. 

Lounging Checklist

For lounging or floating on the water, we recommend:

Surfing Gear Checklist

Surfs up! Below are the basics on what to bring for surfing

  • Leash: we recommend a straight leash to prevent recoil
  • Rash guard or wet suit to prevent chafing
  • Wax
  • Towel

If you’re curious for more tips on how to surf, check out our guide for detailed information on surfing etiquette, safety, and gear.

Ready to get on the water? Grab your board, and your gear, and get out there!

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