The Must Have Accessory For All Boat Owners

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The Must Have Accessory For All Boat Owners

5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are the #1 boat accessory

Hey boat owners – there’s something that you’re missing on your boat. No, it’s not a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a GPS or a nice pair of binoculars. It’s much better…and much bigger. It’s an inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP). Storing inflatable paddle board

1) Water taxi

Your boats anchored into the sea bottom. Now what? Sure, you can hang out on your boat, but why not explore the 360 degrees of water that surround you. Whether you are far out in the middle of the ocean, or near a rocky coast, explore the waters around your boat with an inflatable paddle board. Inflatables are easier to bring on board than a row boat or a kayak because they take up less space (deflates to the size of a sleeping bag). Furthermore, they're easier to deploy than a dingy, making it a breeze to go to & from land to pick up food and supplies. Inflatable stand up paddle board with dog

2) Easy to store

Storage space on boats can be fickle. Since inflatables can deflate to the size of a rolled up sleeping bag, they will only take up a modest amount of room on your boat. Without a doubt, finding a place to store an inflatable on your boat will be a breeze. Inflatables will not scratch your boat like a kayak, row boat, or an epoxy paddle board would. Inflatables are gentle when banged or dropped on a hard surface so you'll never have to worry about damaging your boat or board (hooray!). Inflatable paddle board on boat

3) Portable gym

Getting a solid workout while on a boat is tough. Take your workout to the water with an inflatable SUP. Paddle boarding is one of the best all around body workouts you can do. You can also indulge in SUP yoga, Pilates or simply stretch your muscles while relaxing in the sun. Learn how many calories paddle boarding burns. SUP fitness

4) The whole crew can join

Depending on how many people you have on board your boat, the 15-foot Megalodon can support 5-7 people. The 12-foot Mega is ideal for 2-3 paddlers. Experience the fun of paddling together with your crew in a way you’ve never dreamed possible. No one has to miss out on sunrise/sunset excursions. ISLE Megalodon mulit-person paddle board

5) Diversify your fishing experience 

Sometimes it’s nice to change up fishing locations on a dime. Instead of pulling up anchor and turning your boat back on, set sail on an inflatable with all your fishing gear. Fishing from a paddle board will provide you with excellent mobility to quickly and easily reach spots where the fish are. Drift around the open water or set anchor in a fish hot spot for a chance at the catch of the day. Learn why SUP fishing is the next big thing! fishing paddle board

Final Thoughts 

If you're still not convinced, just look at the couple who's Sailing Around the World with ISLE Inflatable Paddle Boards and how they use them on a daily basis. It might appear we're favoring inflatables for boats (and we are), but hard epoxy boards and soft tops are suitable choices as well. The NEW Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Boards are a great choice due to the soft and forgiving construction and has the performance of an epoxy board. Still up in the air about iSUPs? Check out the 5 Myths About Inflatable Standup Paddle Boards. Inflatable stand up paddle board on coronado ca Shop paddle boards  

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