Can You Use A Paddle Board As A Kayak?

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Can You Use A Paddle Board As A Kayak?

There’s an overarching question many ask when it comes to inflatable paddle boards: is this better than a kayak? Well, we didn’t want customers to have to choose between the two, which is why we created the Switch, our 2-in-1 paddle board and kayak hybrid! We couldn’t wait to give the Switch to to test and review.



Bradley Axmith from DIVEIN on the Switch in SUP mode


DIVEIN Tries The Switch


We feel a kindred spirit with DIVEIN who’s drive, like ours, is their love of water sports and the outdoors. They are a trusted source of reviews because of their team of passionate adventurers and their main rule when testing and reviewing is: “Would we love to use this equipment ourselves?”


DIVEIN ranked the ISLE Switch as their Best Hybrid Kayak and SUP of 2022


“It’s refreshing to see innovation in the paddle board market, to see companies doing something different. When those tweaks also end up being really good too, it’s doubly pleasing.” - Bradley Axmith in DIVEIN’s review


We’ve been really excited to launch the Switch, the first inflatable kayak in our catalog. This is a tandem kayak and stand up paddle board that has finally arrived after years of testing and development.



Converting The Switch From SUP To Kayak


“With all the innovation embodied in this inflatable, we believe the Switch is the most versatile 2-in-1 kayak hybrid out there. It brings several unique features not seen anywhere else in water sports, including the ISLE-LINK Connection System for connecting accessories along the entire surface of the board allowing you to convert from stand up paddle board to kayak in seconds.


ISLE dropped all D-rings in favor of G-hooks, which removes metal from the deck pad and opens up the entire surface of the Switch. This provides a great amount of versatility to how you want to use your board: having different kayak configurations, connecting 2 boards together, or having a large, clear surface for yoga.


Unpack the Switch and it becomes clear that ISLE has made something intentional, something refreshing.” - Bradley Axmith, DIVEIN’s review



DIVEIN took the Switch on a boat trip


We put a lot of thought into designing the Switch so it would perform well on all fronts, rather than just ticking the hybrid box. The kayak seat is comfortable and portable, and effortlessly hooks into the ISLE-LINK system, which can be adjusted for solo kayaking or tandem kayaking when adding a seat. The inflatable foot brace provides the same type of conditions found on solid body kayaks, so each stroke has the proper stability and each thrust is generated using the paddler’s core for better technique.


Sit in the seat, 4-inches above the board on an inflatable cushion, lean back, put your feet up on the inflatable brace, and take a few strokes. As you paddle out, the Switch will be sure to feel more like a typical sit-on-top kayak than an inflatable hybrid.


“We spent a lot of time designing the seat and foot brace of the Switch for all-day comfort, to support the core, and for adjustability.” - Jimmy Blakeney, Vice President of Product at ISLE



In kayak mode the Switch is great for kids and family fun


What Makes The Switch Stand Out?


Innovation doesn’t stop there though. As a SUP, the Switch’s width translates into strong stability. Despite its size, the Switch showcases our new Air-Tech™ Fusion Lite construction, which uses a woven drop-stitch fabric instead of a traditional knit, making the board surprisingly lightweight. Not only does it make it easy to carry, but it reduces drag. Combine this with the shape of a touring board and the Switch shows off its maneuverability and makes it a fun board to have out on the water.


“The Switch is the best 2-in-1 inflatable hybrid we’ve tested. While the kayak experience is unique for the comfort and performance, that doesn’t come at the expense of its stand up paddle boarding profile.” - DIVEIN’s review


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