Why Paddle Boarding Will Rule The World

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Why Paddle Boarding Will Rule The World

The Water Sports Takeover Of The Century 

Did you know that paddle boarding is taking over the world? Don’t worry, this takeover is nothing like Dr. Evil’s sinister scheme to turn the Moon into a Death Star. Far from unethical world domination, stand up paddle boarding is taking over the world for the greater good of mankind. But, how?

Since the inception of paddle boarding, the world has not been the same. Serotonin levels have skyrocketed, stress levels have severely decreased, and there are more people with washboard abs than ever before. Because of paddle boarding, more people are getting outdoors and gaining a new perspective on life. It’s no wonder why paddling boarding is poised to rule the world.

5 Reasons Why Padding Boarding Will Rule The World

Why Paddle Boarding Will Rule The World

1. It’s The Best Way To Get Outside

A stand up paddle board is your vessel to new outdoor adventures. From the most beautiful lakes tucked away in the mountains to pristine white sand beaches, paddle boarding allows you to explore a destination like never before. For instance, experience the excitement of finding hidden landscapes only accessible by SUP, or getting a front-row seat to an unforgettable sunset on the water. Ultimately, you will never again be limited to exploring the world by land. The possibilities are endless once you buy your first SUP

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2. New SUP Technology Is All The Rage

Over the last few years, stand up paddle board construction and design have become more innovative than ever. A prime example of this is the inflatable SUP. Constructed from military-grade PVC and drop-stitch technology, inflatable SUPs are now just as rigid as epoxy SUPs. And since these SUPs can be deflated before and after use, storing a paddle board at home and transporting one in your car is now easier than ever.

When deflated, the compact size of a new inflatable SUP is a game-changer for those who are always on the go and want to travel to far-off destinations with their board. Now, you can simply hike with your paddle board on backcountry trails to remote alpine lakes or fly with it to one of the best paddle board destinations in the country.

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More recently, there's a new epoxy paddle board construction that is arguably the most durable SUP in today’s market. Instead of the traditional foam core wrapped in a layer of fiberglass, this construction uses a nearly-indestructible layer of thermo-molded polycarbonate to protect boards from UV- or impact-related damage. This brand-new, super durable construction method opens up a whole new world for SUP rental companies looking for a rugged fleet of boards that can withstand abuse and families who are particularly rough with their toys.

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3. It’s A Full-Body Workout

Not only does paddle boarding give you an excuse to get outside, but it also will get you in tip-top shape. Believe it or not, paddle boarding can burn more calories in an hour than most sports because it is a full-body workout. In other words, almost every muscle in your body is used when you’re paddle boarding. Your core, back, and leg muscles are always working to maintain balance, while your arms, shoulders, and core work to glide your SUP through the water.

Every time you go paddle boarding, you’re guaranteed to burn calories. Even on the calmest of days, a leisurely paddle can burn around 400 calories per hour. If you want a more intense workout, try different SUP activities like SUP yoga or SUP surfing. These fun paddle boarding activities can help you burn anywhere from 500 to 1,125 calories per hour. Feel free to cancel your gym membership and start enjoying your workouts on the water. 


4. It’s Easy Enough For Anyone To Do 

While paddling boarding may seem difficult, it’s actually a super easy sport to master. With the correct instruction, anyone can learn how to SUP in a day — even learning how to paddle board with your dog is simple. In fact, paddle boarding is so easy that it’s the perfect activity for families with small children. If your kids aren’t comfortable on their own SUP, there are plenty of supersized paddle boards like the Megalodon that are big enough to float your entire family.

Start with practicing on calm bodies of water, like lakes or bays. Once you become more comfortable on your SUP, challenge yourself by paddling out in rougher waters like the ocean or a rambling river. Always remember to check the weather conditions and wear the proper safety gear


5. It’s A Great Way To Make Friends 

Paddle boarding is a fantastic way to meet new, like-minded people. In fact, there are so many paddle boarding communities online and in the water just waiting for you to join them. Attend a SUP meetup and interact with people who love paddle boarding just as much as you do. Bring your newbie friends along and introduce them to this amazing sport. In no time, they’ll be hooked and you’ll have consistent paddle buddies.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it — paddle boarding will soon rule the world. Get ready to reap the many amazing benefits paddle boarding has to offer. Whether you choose to enjoy a leisurely paddle or embark on an epic week-long expedition, paddle boarding promises constant excitement. So, grab your board and join the SUP revolution!

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