Why You Should Opt For A Blow Up Paddle Board

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Why You Should Opt For A Blow Up Paddle Board

The Reason You Need A Blow Up Paddle Board

In a nutshell, blow up paddle boards are the easiest type of SUP to transport, store at home, learn to paddle board, ride with your dog … and the list goes on. All you have to do is inflate your blow up paddle board to the suggested 15 PSI and once it's inflated, you’re ready to explore the world’s diverse bodies of water with your friends, family, and pets.

Below, I list seven great reasons why a blow up paddle board is an amazing option for you. Discover how these trending, new inflatable SUP boards can better fit your lifestyle and needs without breaking the bank. However, before I begin dishing out the best reasons on a silver platter for you, I must first inform you on a common misconception about blow up paddle boards.

A Common Misconception About Blow Up Paddle Boards

I know what you’re thinking -- the phrase ‘blow up’ make these SUPs sound cheap. Today, one of the most common misconceptions about blow up paddle boards is that they are cheap and not rigid enough to perform like an epoxy SUP. However, all of this is not true. Let’s take a quick moment to dive into the fine details and reveal why blow up paddle boards are not cheap.

Blow Up Paddle Board Construction

High-quality blow up paddle boards are built with advanced elements and robust materials that are made to withstand heavy abuse so they can last a lifetime. The best blow up paddle boards are constructed with military-grade, high-density PVC. In addition, these boards have a unique drop-stitch technology so when you pump up your inflatable paddle board, it will be equally as rigid as an epoxy SUP.

Not convinced yet? Let’s see how a blow up paddle board performs against an epoxy SUP.

Blow Up Paddle Board vs Epoxy SUP

To settle the debate about the performance between a blow up paddle board and an epoxy SUP, two of our favorite elite paddlers raced them side by side in our hometown of Coronado, CA. The epoxy SUP won by a fraction of a second. It was a nail biter. As you can see, they perform up to the same standards as epoxy SUPs.

7 Reasons Why A Blow Up Paddle Board Is Right For You

easy to transport blow up sup

1) They Are Easy To Transport

Blow up paddle boards are by far the easiest type of stand up paddle board to transport to and from the water. When deflated, they roll up to the size of a sleeping bag and can fit inside the included carry bag thanks to some simple board features like removable fins. This makes your inflatable SUP board super simple to grab from your house and toss in the backseat or trunk of your car, and inflate when you get to your destination. 

In addition, when inflated, blow up paddle boards are also easy to carry to the water because they are lightweight and have multiple neoprene-padded comfort grip carry handles. 

Unlike epoxy SUPs, you do not need a large truck or van to transport your inflatable stand up paddle board. To give you some idea, a car as small as a Prius (or even a Smart Car) can easily fit one. 

With a blow up paddle board, you completely avoid having to buy a roof rack system and the task of strapping your SUP to your car’s roof everytime you want to go paddle boarding. If you’re the type of person who is always on the go or travels frequently with your paddle board, then a blow up paddle board be the perfect fit for you.

durable blow up paddle board

2) They Are Super Durable

As mentioned earlier, blow up paddle boards are constructed with a super durable, military-grade PVC. This makes these iSUPs extremely durable and difficult to damage, scrape, or scuff.

If you drop a blow up paddle board on the pavement or run it over with your car, it will not be damaged. These paddle boards are beasts and can withstand heavy abuse. This is why they are the best option for taking trips down a river because there is a slim chance your SUP will be damaged from protruding rocks, branches, and debris. However, before you head down a river, make sure to detach your removable center fin to avoid contact with any rocks or other shallow elements. 

best inflatable sups

Ultimately, blow up paddle boards are built to last a very long time. If you do manage to damage one, they’re much easier to fix than hard boards thanks to an easy-to-use repair kit.

3) They Are Simple To Store At Home

A blow up paddle board is perfect for storing anywhere because they are so compact once they’re deflated. You do not need to find a large space in your garage, shed or basement for paddle board storage like you would need to with an epoxy paddle board. For instance, a blow up paddle board could fit snugly inside your bedroom closet or your breezeway thanks to the backpack with an easy carry strap. However, before you store your blow up SUP, make sure to read our tips for storing your paddle board.

4) They Are Affordable

Generally, blow up paddle boards are more affordable than most SUPs. If you don’t want to break the bank on a new stand up paddle board, blow up SUPs can be found at a more affordable price-point than epoxy SUPs. This makes them a great choice for first-timers, beginners, and anyone shopping on a tight budget.

pet friendly blow up SUP

5) The Most Pet-Friendly SUP

Blow up paddle boards are the most pet-friendly SUPs on the market today. So many people are taking their dogs out on their paddle boards these days because it's simple and more epic than a visit to your local dog park. 

Not only are the traction pads great for your dog to chill on, but the deck’s soft brushed EVA traction pads offer fantastic grip for your dog’s paws. In addition, blow up paddle boards are typically six inches thick, meaning they rise a substantial amount above the water offering a stable and secure ride for you and your beloved pup. 

blow up paddle boards

6) They Are Easy To Learn On

Blow up paddle boards are absolutely perfect for beginners. A blow up paddle board will be more stable than other SUPs because they rise six inches above the water. Furthermore, blow up SUPs tend to have a wider deck, allowing you more stability to easily find your balance on the water.

However, this doesn’t mean blow up paddle boards are only for beginners. Tons of advanced riders still continue to use blow up SUPs because they are great boards for growing your skill level. There are even more advanced blow up paddle boards for you to graduate to.

7) They Are The Best Multi-Person SUPs

A wise man once said, “Paddle boarding is better together.” Blow up paddle boards epitomize this mantra because they are the best type of SUP to bring multiple people on board with you. Generally, a blow up paddle board has a higher weight capacity (can hold more weight) and is wide enough to have an extra person sit near the nose of your SUP. Even more exciting, there are mega-size blow up paddle boards in which the deck pad can fit up to 7 people at once

Since blow up paddle boards have a higher weight capacity, this means you can easily float more gear on your SUP with you. This is especially benifical for fishing SUPs, since a blow up paddle board can effectively hold the weight of your entire fishing setup. Or for those simply looking to use their SUPs recreationally, you can hold the weight of a stocked YETI cooler on board with you. 

Don’t forget to use a blow up paddle boards’ multiple bungee systems to secure important gear to the nose and tail of your iSUP.

Wrapping Up 

Blow up paddle boards (otherwise known as inflatable paddleboards) have become so popular because of the many benefits they offer. Since they are so easy to transport and store at home, these inflatable stand up paddle boards have become a favorite in the SUP world. Not only are they convenient, but they are also the best for learning how to stand up paddle board, riding with your dog, or taking multiple people on board with you for an unforgettable day in the sun.

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