Isle Surf & SUP Satisfaction Expert: Employee Spotlight with Evan

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Isle Surf & SUP Satisfaction Expert: Employee Spotlight with Evan


We’re pleased to introduce our head customer service agent Evan Gobles. Evan was born and raised in Long Beach, CA where he learned how to surf when he was 14 years old. Being that he is the oldest and has a younger brother and sister he has always played the role of making sure everyone and thing is okay which prepared him for Isle as he is our satisfaction expert.


When i asked Evan why he wanted to work for Isle he replied, “I wanted to stay in an industry that I love so it makes it easier to sell a product that I enjoy as well.” Well Evan is one of our finest employees and always makes sure the customer is happy regardless of the situation. If you have any questions or concerns about our boards feel free to send him an email at or talk to him via our live chat on our home page.



How long have you been surfing/paddling?

Surfed- 15yrs/ Paddled – 5 yrs.

How long have you worked for Isle Surf & SUP?

2 years come June

Where is your favorite surfing or paddling spot?

If I’m surfing I like Scripps but if i’m going for a paddle then I got to La Jolla Cove.

What is your favorite Isle board?

Glider Flat Water (FW)- Wood

Do you have any secret talents?

  • once ate 12 fish tacos in one sitting
  • awesome at color matching outfits for work even though I’m colorblind
  • still uses a flip phone
  • know the area code of each phone number for every major city in America

When you’re not surfing or paddle boarding, you are?

hiking, fishing, playing soccer, or trying to dodge cars on my bike

What is your favorite burrito?

Chile Relleno Burrito from Colimas




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