12 Photos That Prove Tahoe Is A Paddler's Paradise

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12 Photos That Prove Tahoe Is A Paddler's Paradise

Lake Tahoe: The Best SUP Destination On Earth?

When you live to paddle board like we do, you're always embroiled in a debate about the ultimate SUP destination. Hawaii, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, San Diego, the Florida Keys ... the list goes on. But the one destination we think absolutely has to be considered in the endless debate is Lake Tahoe. We dug through the archives and reached out to a handful of our ambassadors to find 12 photos that we believe prove Tahoe is a bonafide paddler's paradise.


Paddling with friends and family always makes the adventure that much more memorable. But when your best friend Jack the dingo is also part of your family, the memories are made to last a lifetime. Here's Ambassador Samantha Eastburn living her best life on Limited Edition Glider.

paddle boarding lake tahoe

ISLE Ambassador Stacy Hunt is a self-proclaimed adventure-seeking, water-loving, get outdoors and be active kind of girl. Her endless search for warm rays and gorgeous water took her away from Florida's Space Coast and into the crystal clear waters of Tahoe on her travel-friendly Discovery iSUP.

paddle boarding lake tahoe

Stephanie Lutz enjoying the iSUP life to its fullest -- her new "summertime obsession" on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe earlier this year.

paddle boarding lake tahoe

What's better than paddling with your best friend? Paddling with your best friends, of course. ISLE Ambassador Lee Asher showing off the all-new Outpost's exceptional stability with two of his favorite rescue pups on the south side of Lake Tahoe, California.

paddle boarding lake tahoe

When our passionate Ambassador Sarah Dutter isn't busy making the world the better place as a registered nurse, she's sitting back and celebrating the awe-inspiring beauty of nature in all of its glory.

paddle boarding lake tahoe

ISLE social media manager Julie Riggert tackles every aspect of life the adventurous way -- jumping in with both feet first and making a big splash.

paddle boarding lake tahoe

When your passion is traveling and hiking, it's only a matter of time before you have to answer the Tahoe call. Ambassador Daniella Raileanu spent her Earth Day exploring this amazing body of water for the first time on an iSUP -- and she was hooked.

paddle boarding lake tahoe
@laurentravelsto loving the cobalt water with her baby Lyla

Not all breeds are satisfied to just sit along for the ride on a Versa, which is especially true for golden retrievers like this 10/10 good boy! If your favorite boy or girl needs some helping saying on board, take a few tips from our quick guide on how to paddle board with your dog.

paddle boarding lake tahoe

Paddling may be the name of the game, but there's nothing wrong with lounging around the shoreline with your crew in Tahoe where the shallow waters are a bit warmer and more inviting. But it definitely looks like that Megalodon has room for a few more friends.

paddle boarding lake tahoe

When you find yourself paddling over the incredibly vibrant moss-covered rocks in Sand Harbor, you definitely don't have to think twice about grabbing a quick selfie...especially when you're a professional photographer like Mandy.

tahoe paddle boarding
@outdoorproject is a great place to research your next outdoor adventure

The snow-capped mountains, cotton candy clouds, vibrant green trees, ancient spotted boulders, and stunningly clear cobalt blue water -- we always have a difficult time picking the one thing we like the most about Tahoe. Our friends at the Outdoor Project found their adventure rather easily once they jumped aboard an ISLE Discovery inflatable stand up paddle board.

paddle board SUP
@Troyrupp's amazing drone skills at South Lake Tahoe

It's difficult to capture the true scope of Tahoe's beauty without a drone. But even with a high-definition eye in the sky, Lake Tahoe is just one of those rare places on Earth where a picture hardly does it justice.

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