5 Paddle Boarding Cities Embracing SUP from Seattle to NYC

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5 Paddle Boarding Cities Embracing SUP from Seattle to NYC


Paddle Boarding is spreading like wildfire from the coast to major cities across the United States.


Here is a list of 5 major US cities where if you uttered the phrase “Paddle Boarding” just 5 years ago the town residents would have given you a look of confusion. Today its very different as the SUP scene continues to expand to all places surrounded by water. Here is a quick guide on each city with information on paddle board rentals, sup tours and best places to paddle.


#1 – Paddling Boarding Austin Texas




About Austin: Austinites have adopted the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”. It refers to the eclectic liberal lifestyles of many of the Austin residents and a desire to keep the city from being overrun by big corporations. The city is known for its annual Music Festivals and amazing natural surrounding beauty.


Seasons: Austin weather is great for paddling year round. Warm summers and mild winters keep average temperatures in the 60-90 degree range.


Best Places to Paddle: The main attraction for Paddle Boarding in Austin is the majestic Lady Bird Lake created in 1960 by the construction of Longhorn Dam. Ladybird Lake offers up both city and nature views. Paddle to the west end and get in touch with nature or head east right into the center of downtown Austin and soak up the skyline view.


Paddle Board Tours & Rentals:



Rowing Dock

2418 Stratford Drive

Austin, TX 78476



$15-$20/hour depending on weekdays or weekend


Located on the shores of Lady Bird Lake you can hop right off the dock into the calm waters.


#2 – Paddle Boarding Chicago Illinois




About Chicago: A city surrounded by the clam waters of Lake Michigan and one of the most impressive skylines in the business with the Hancock Building Towering over 100 stories (1,127 ft). With a bustling nightlife and waterfront there is never a lack on things to do from museums to jazz clubs to strolling the many parks. Or if its baseball season check out the Cubs at world famous Wrigley field.


Seasons: Chicago experiences 4 distinct seasons with hot and humid summer months and temperatures dipping down into the freezing zone in winter. Spring and Autumn are generally mild.


Best Places to Paddle: Endless flat water abounds but the best views are close to the city center allowing you to soak up the majestic skyline. The best place to launch near the city would be the North Ave beach along the main waterfront.


Paddle Board Tours & Rentals:



Chicago SUP

1603 N Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago, IL





Just South of Castaways Bar & Grill On North Ave Beach


#3 – Paddle Boarding Seattle Washington




About Seattle: The city of Seattle is a hilly landmass sandwiched between the saltwater Puget Sound fed by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the freshwater Lake Washington to the east. With the Olympic and Cascade Mountains towering above the surrounding waters, the area is an outdoor lovers paradise with a host of activities including paddle boarding, sailing, and hiking year round.


Seasons: With mild summers and cold winters be prepared to utilize a wetsuit in the winter months to protect from the cold weather and winds. Summer can get busy on the waters but any time after September as winter sets in you got it all to yourself.


Best Places to Paddle: Lots of Amazing rivers , bays and beaches. Of course a paddle near the city skyline with the world famous needle is hard to beat. Just a short drive north of the main city is the world famous Deception Pass State Park. Complete with tidal rapids as water rushes in and out of the bays narrow canyons.


Paddle Board Tours & Rentals:



Urban surf

2100 North Northlake Way

Seattle, WA 98103



$25 for 2 hours


#4 – Paddle Boarding Salt Lake City & Moeb Utah




About Utah: Home of Outdoor Retailer EXPO the worlds largest outdoor trade show its no secret Utah has it all for a recreational enthusiast with its many rivers, lakes and mountains ranges all in close proximity.


Seasons: Utah has a dry semi arid desert climate although it mountainous regions can remain quite chilly year round. The summer months offer up temps in the 80-100 range while winters see things dipping into the subzero range.


Best Places to Paddle: The Great Salt Lake is the closest body of water to the city center and offers endless bays and inlets. Little Dell Reservoir located just a short drive outside Salt Lake is a great location for some freshwater paddling and mountain views. To the east Moab City on the Colorado River offers up some amazing paddles of the red rock canyons for the more adventure minded.


Paddle Board Tours & Rentals:



Moab Adventure Center

225 South Main St.

Moab, Utah 84532



$95 for 2.5 hours paddle boarding down a calm stretch of the Colorado River


Moeb SUP Tour Details


#5 – Paddle Boarding New York City (NYC) New York




About NYC: New York is a city that needs no introduction. Its the financial capital of the world with a bustling day and nightlife. From magnificent buildings and statues, to museums, to parks its never lacking in activities. And its also surrounded by water so it’s the perfect place to hop on a paddle board and see the city from an all new perspective.


Seasons: New York City experiences a humid subtropical climate with warm and humid summer months of temperatures ranging from 80 – 100 degrees and cold and windy winters dipping into the subzero range.


Best Places to Paddle: With a skyline unlike anywhere on earth you cant miss a paddle along Manhattan Island. Just watch out for the busy waterways filled with ships, ferries and tugs. Another amazing must do paddle is the Statue of Liberty. It’s a site like no other and be sure to pack a camera to snap off some once in a lifetime shots.


Paddle Board Tours & Rentals:



New York Kayak Company

40 N. Rivers Piers Suite 10



$50/hour for rentals


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