Isle 1st Annual Company Outing to the Baja Norte

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Isle 1st Annual Company Outing to the Baja Norte


In April the powers that be at Isle Surf & SUP started planning a get away for the entire crew to relax, surf and paddle on one of Baja Norte’s hidden points before the madness of the summer season arrived at ye olde Isle Global Headquarters. After a lot of logistics and planning we were able to determine the last weekend in April worked for everyone and all that was left was to pray for sun and surf and lucky for all our prayers went answered.



club morena baja mexico 1st annual isle surf and sup company outing


A Quick Jump across the Tijuana Border


With Isle headquarters located only 15 minutes north of the Mexican border Northern Baja made the most sense with a huge crew and short timeline. Close enough to pull it off in 3 days but far enough to give you a sense of being in a new unfamiliar place. We loaded up the trucks and vans full of surfboards and paddle boards and headed south after work on a Friday afternoon for 3 days of Baja fun and surf. Being the 1st annual company outing and with everyone brining a friend or two we ended up with a crew of 20+ deep. Never easy to travel in large groups but everyone managed to get along just fine and the free flowing tequila only added to the good vibes.



isle crew in baja mexico dinner time


Club Marena & The Famous K38


Our destination was Club Morena located at a famous surf break called K38. Meaning 38 Kilometers south of the US boarder. We booked 2 spacious condo style rooms and a 2-story villa to accommodate the healthy crew. The places are all furnished with ocean views looking directly at the wave and the resort is fully equipped with Pools and Jacuzzis so you can hop in the tub fresh out of the surf. Special thanks to Larry and Jenifer French at Baja Rentals for taking care of the crew and if you ever head that way check them out here and they can get you dialed in.


Long empty Peelers for Surf & Paddle


Upon arrival the entire crew was frothing to get some waves so we unloaded our stuff and headed to the beach just steps from our back doors. There was a strong north wind but luckily K38 is a right point break that is sheltered from the wind by the point and the 3 towers of Club Morena so we were all able to squeeze in a few rides on both surfboards and SUP’s before dark.



isle rider dirk on an a versa is paddle board riding waves mexico


All three days we were fortunate to have sunny skies and steady combo swells from chest to head high with some fading winter pulse out of the North and some building spring swell out of the South. We even tested out the new Megladon in some of the softer friendlier waves out front.



isle riders marc craig and chad taking on the huge surf with the giant inflatable megalodon paddle board mexico


Pappas Y Cervezas


Both Friday and Saturday night we loaded up the posse like sardines in the company creepy van for a 10 minute ride north into Rosarito for delicious dinners and some heavy fiesta at Papa’s and Beer. Luckily with everyone on their best and not so best behavior we were able to breeze through the military check points without any hassle. Pappas lived up to its rep as a Baja and Mexico icon offering up bull rides and thumping beats till the wee hours of the morning.



isle crew in front of papas and beer rosario mexico


Time to Say Adios to the Baja


Other then a slight hangover and a few reef tattoo’s the trip was a great success as we all returned across the border to work Monday with a full company head count. Everyone had a blast and was great to get out of the office and hang in a relaxed environment sharing waves and good times all weekend. After the trip the company morale had definitely risen to new heights so when you are ready to call, text, email, or order your new Isle shred stick online the Isle team is ready to serve you to the best of our ability.




Thanks Crew! Here’s to another whale of a trip next year at the 2nd annual Isle does Baja Norte!

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