The Ultimate Guide to Paddle Boarding Lake Havasu Arizona

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The Ultimate Guide to Paddle Boarding Lake Havasu Arizona

Standup paddle boarding AZ - Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is an extremely special place to go paddle boarding in Arizona. It’s 619,400 acres of crystal green water offers a variety of beautiful landscapes to paddle. From colossal orange rock canyons to tiny grass islands dotted with palm trees, Lake Havasu will continue to surprise you paddle stroke after paddle stroke. After spending a week paddling and exploring the entirety of Lake Havasu with the ISLE Surf and SUP team, we can confidently inform you about the:
  • Best places to spend the day paddling
  • Best hotels/resorts to stay at
  • Shops to rent paddle boards from
  • Recommended flat water stand up paddle boards for Lake Havasu, Arizona

Paddle boarding Lake Havasu Arizona

The 5 most incredible places to paddle board on Lake Havasu Arizona

1. The Topock Gorge

The Topack Gorge is hands down the best place to paddle board on Lake Havasu. Imagine this: deep orange canyons, secluded sandy beaches and sand dune valleys all with the backdrop of jagged red mountains. Other than the epic scenery, the immense body of water at The Gorge is super clear and cleaner than main drag of Havasu because of the consistent river flow from the Colorado River. Topock Gorge Lake Havasu Arizona The only downside to The Gorge is that it’s an hour boat ride from the channel. The Gorge is located on the northernmost tip of Lake Havasu which ends just south of the Parker Dam. We suggest renting a boat to efficiently get to The Gorge.

2. Grass Island

Grass Island is a SUP fishing paradise. Don’t be fooled by its name, the island is composed of tiny pebbles not grass or flora and fauna. However, parties of tall grass blades surround the island including a gorgeous desert backdrop. The tall grasses and island create the perfect place to unwind on your paddle board and fish. ISLE Sportsman Fishing Inflatable Lake Havasu Arizona

3. London Bridge

Paddle through Lake Havasu’s canal and witness London Bridge, the lake’s most historic landmark in the area. Originally, London Bridge was built in 1830 and spanned the River Thames in London. The bridge was deconstructed over a hundred years later, and was then transported piece by piece to Lake Havasu City. Get up close and personal with Lake Havasu’s London Bridge by paddle boarding underneath it. See and touch the ancient brick and experience historical London. Paddle boarding London Bridge Lake Havasu Arizona

4. Red Rock

Cruise over to the south end of Lake Havasu around sunset to experience the fiery glow of Red Rock. Red Rock stands about 100 feet above the lake and casts an amazing red glow across the water during sunset. Don’t forget to bring your camera/go pro to capture the eye-catching reflection. Paddle boarding Red Rock Arizona

5. Pirate’s Cove

About a mile north from The Gorge is the wackiest paddle spot on Lake Havasu, Pirate’s Cove. Pirate’s cove features an ancient pirate ship in the middle of the cove that you can paddle around. If you’re lucky, you can see an old school metallic seaplane hanging out on the cove’s boat dock. Paddle boarding Pirates Cove Lake Havasu Arizona

Best places to stay

HEAT HOTEL The HEAT HOTEL is a trendy, boutique hotel located on the waterfront of Lake Havasu canal with spectacular views of London Bridge. Lake access is right at the foot of the hotel. You’re just a few feet away from paddle boarding underneath London Bridge. See rates The Nautical Beachfront Resort The Nautical Beachfront Resort is centrally located, but away from the crowds. Just a short paddle away from the canal and London Bridge, the Nautical is a nice option for a more laid back vacation. Enjoy the resorts large lawn, sandy beach and infinity pool that offers breathtaking views of Lake Havasu and the mountains. Nautical Beachfront Resort Lake Havasu Arizona See rates London Bridge Resort Adjacent to London Bridge is the luxurious London Bridge Resort. This resort has 3 pools, 3 culturally diverse restaurants, a pleasant spa, a fun night club and a golf course for guests to enjoy. Once you’re finished exploring Lake Havasu on your paddle board for the day, enjoy London Bridge Resort’s captivating amenities. See rates  *Don’t forget to explore Airbnb for additional options.  There is a great selection of super cool homes and apartments!

Best places to rent paddle boards

The Nautical Watersports Center Reserve now! WILD WEAR Reserve now!

Recommended boards to use

Although Lake Havasu is a flatwater lake, you can seek out different paddle style adventures. Travel far enough north on Lake Havasu, and you will start feel a strong current from the Colorado river. If you have a boat that provides enough wake, you can take Surf SUPs out or soft top surfboards and wake surf. Kayaking is always an option as well. The paddle opportunities are endless if you get creative! Just make sure to throw on a life vest before setting out to partake in whatever water sport most suitable to your preference.

Hard Paddle Boards

Voyager The Voyager is the perfect paddle board if you plan on indulging in long expeditions and coastal cruises on Lake Havasu. This is the ultimate touring paddle board. Built for adventure, this board is ideal for flatwater paddling. Recommended use:
  • Touring
  • Fishing
ISLE Voyager standup paddle board See the Voyager here! Glider The Glider is a solid all around paddle board. This board offers a generous amount of width and thickness with a longer template, improving the glide tracking of the board. The Glider is thinner, narrower which will give you a more responsive and premium ride whether you're paddling in slow-moving water or fast-moving water. Recommended use:
  • All around
  • Fishing
  • Yoga
ISLE Glide Wood Standup Paddle board See the Glider here!

Inflatable Paddle Boards

Explorer The Explorer inflatable paddle board is a touring utility SUP made for the outdoor enthusiast. This board was designed with functionality, performance and convenience in mind. It has a slightly wider template, allowing a sturdy, tough and stable platform intended to make standing more feasible. In addition, the 6-inch thickness increases the volume to hold plenty of weight and additional gear. Recommended use:
  • Touring
  • Fishing
  • All Around
ISLE Explorer Inflatable Lake Havasu Arizona See the Explorer here! Sportsman The Sportsman inflatable fishing paddle board is an angler's dream – as well as a super fun recreational board. The full template boasts the most volume, so you can stay high and dry out of the water. Recommended use:
  • Fishing
  • Touring
ISLE Sportsman Fishing Inflatable Paddle Board Lake Havasu Arizona See the Sportsman here! Lotus The Lotus inflatable yoga paddle board offers a healthy number of features designed for stability, portability and fitness on the water.  The expansive deck pad gives ample room to stand and practice yoga moves, Pilates, or any fitness related exercise. Recommended use:
  • Yoga
  • All Around
ISLE Lotus Inflatable Paddle Board Lake Havasu Arizona See the Lotus here!

Final thoughts

Lake Havasu is a fantastic all around paddle board destination that offers a variety of scenic spots to paddle. Experience Arizona’s desert, tropical and mountainous landscapes from the foot of your paddle board. The possibilities of new spots to explore are endless. Now that you everything you need to know, it’s time to start planning a trip to Lake Havasu. We’ll see you out there!

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