Tidal Bore Surfing Anyone? - The Top 5 Most Amazing Tidal Bores

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Tidal Bore Surfing Anyone? - The Top 5 Most Amazing Tidal Bores


The “Bono” – Indonesia’s More Famous Tidal Bore looking not so Boring.


Tidal Bore Surfing


A tidal bore is a wave created from the incoming tide as it travels up a narrow river or bay against the direction of the current. The phenomenon forms a breaking wave from 2ft – 15ft that can be ridden for up to 20 miles in some locations! The contours of the bottom can cause the wave to closeout, barrel and peel perfectly. Here is a list of some of the most amazing tidal bore waves the world has to offer.




#1 Nickname: The Bono


Location: Kampar River ,Teluk Meranti, Sumatra Indonesia


Hands down one of the most amazing bores in the world for its sheer size and perfection. The only bore to have surfers actually ride inside the barrel and make it out! Situated in a remote region of Sumatra, Indonesia on a river filled with snakes, crocodiles and infested with mosquitos it’s not for the faint of heart. But catching a ride on this bore could be one of the best waves of your life.


Think you have what it takes to tame “The Bono”? This site offers all inclusive Bono bore surfing packages.



#2 Name: The Silver Dragon


Location: Qiantang River, Haining Province, China


The Silver Dragon rises from the waters of the Qiantang Jiang River. The river contracts rapidly from 100km in the bay to just several meters while at the same time having the river bed rise rapidly. These combined features produce the world’s largest and most feared tidal bore.


Called the Silver and sometimes Black Dragon its unpredictable behavior has claimed several lives over the years. It has often been called one of the Seven Wonders of the World.




#3 Name: Araguari Pororoca


Lcoation: Araguari River, Amapa State, Brazil


The Araguari pororoca Bore forms in the Rio Araguari one of the largest rivers in Brazil independent of the mighty Amazon. The rivers spills out into the Atlantic and with the sedimentary basin stretching far into the sea the bore has been witnessed forming up to 10km out to sea and heading down river. The waves can break for up to 25 km inland and since 2001 one has been considered the home of tidal bore surfers who travel from all corners of the earth to tame this bore.




#4 Name: Severn Bore


Location: Gloucestershire, England


This bore forms on the river Severn one of Britain’s longest rivers. The Severn is feed by the Atlantic Ocean which is the source of the largest tidal range in the world ranging up to 15 meters in some areas. This drastic change produces a bore that travels in wild patters for up to 50 km inland and ranks this as one of the longest of all tidal bores. Imagine a 50 km long ride!



#5 Name: Turnagain Arm Tidal Bore


Location: Cook Inlet, Alaska, USA


They call it the most picturesque bore in the world as it’s located in a glacial fjord just east of anchorage Alaska in Cook Inlet. The region has the second largest tidal range in North American reaching up to 12 meters. The bore can travel up to 5 hours along its path and an array of wildlife follows the bore up the bay, including beluga whales.



So there you have it. The Top 5 Tidal Bores in the World. Which one are you going to add to your bucket list?


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