Nugget Soft Top Surfboard in Coral
Nugget Soft Top Surfboard in Grey Blue
Nugget Soft Top Surfboard in Seafoam
Nugget Soft Top Surfboard in Coral Nugget Soft Top Surfboard in Grey Blue Nugget Soft Top Surfboard in Seafoam

Nugget Soft Top Surfboard






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The Nugget surfboard is a high-performance, quad-fin soft top that’s built to take a beating. This shortboard is a powerful surfboard that empowers riders to freely surf down the line, and also works great on bigger open-face waves. Featuring ISLE's patented PowerFuse(TM) soft-top surfboard construction, this board is extremely durable and perfectly lightweight.


We’ve spent the past few years testing and refining this new technology and the designs. The construction process essentially takes the entire layup, all the materials, and fuses them together in one shot under heat and pressure inside a vacuum bag. Vacuum bagging allows you to form a really tight bond between the different materials, and it also sucks out all the extra epoxy resin, so the boards are way lighter than a traditional hand lay-up where you end up with all this excess resin stuck inside the board, which actually doesn’t improve durability but does result in a heavier board.  Oh and we use four different resins in the layup, each one tested and optimized to bond with the different materials. 

  • Starting on the deck we have a full coverage 4mm EVA pad with a croc-skin texture for grip. The EVA and texture eliminates the need for wax.  Not having to worry about waxing, is relaxing, and keeps my car from having wax smeared all over the place.
  • Under the EVA we have 2 6oz layers of fiberglass on top and one 4oz layer of glass on the bottom. 
  • We use a molded EPS foam blank for the core, so the shape is very precise to the design every time. Also it avoids all the waste material that you get if you use a CNC machine to cut out the blank.  Two Fiberglass stringers are molded into the EPS core, which add to the durability of the board and also give them a really nice flex pattern.
  • On the bottom we have a heavy duty 1.3mm Polycarbonate skin, it’s super durable and can take a lot of abuse. 
  • Finally we have the PowerFuse fin boxes – we use a special resin to lock these in place so they’re super strong.  A set of nylon fins come with every board so it’s ready to use right out of the box, but the boxes work with any style fin from the major fin companies that use grub screws. 

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